KuberLogic’s heart is the operator. It is responsible for keeping services in a healthy state.

Operator configuration

The operator needs a set of configuration parameters passed as environment variables:

name type default description
IMG_REPO string “” Container image repository where KuberLogic container images are located. Required.
IMG_PULL_SECRET string “” ImagePullSecret name for the registry of KuberLogic container images. Optional.
POD_NAMESPACE string “” Namespace in which KuberLogic operator is running. Required.
SENTRY_DSN string “” Sentry URL to report panics. Optional.
NOTIFICATION_CHANNELS_EMAIL_ENABLED bool false Enable email notification channel for KuberLogic alerts. Optional.
NOTIFICATION_CHANNELS_EMAIL_HOST string “” SMTP host for email notification channel. Optional.
NOTIFICATION_CHANNELS_EMAIL_TLS_INSECURE bool false Do not verify TLS when connected to SMTP server. Optional.
NOTIFICATION_CHANNELS_EMAIL_TLS_ENABLED bool false Use TLS when connecting to SMTP server. Optional.
NOTIFICATION_CHANNELS_EMAIL_USERNAME string “” SMTP server connection username. Optional.
NOTIFICATION_CHANNELS_EMAIL_PASSWORD string “” SMTP server connection password. Optional.
GRAFANA_ENABLED bool false Enable Grafana integration for KuberLogic operator. Optional.
GRAFANA_ENDPOINT string “” Grafana URL. Optional.
GRAFANA_LOGIN string “” Grafana admin username. Optional.
GRAFANA_PASSWORD string “” Grafana admin password. Optional.
GRAFANA_DEFAULT_DATASOURCE_ENDPOINT “” Prometheus URL to configure as a Grafana main datasource. Optional.


KuberLogic provides a first class REST API to manage services, backup configurations and more.

Apiserver configuration

In order to integrate smoothly into KuberLogic, apiserver needs to be configured correctly. It is configured via the environment variables:

name type default description
KUBERLOGIC_BIND_HOST string A host to listen on. Required
KUBERLOGIC_HTTP_BIND_PORT int 8081 A port to listen on. Required
KUBERLOGIC_AUTH_PROVIDER string “” Authentication provider for the REST interface. Supported: “keycloak”
KUBERLOGIC_AUTH_KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_ID string “” Keycloak client ID for “keycloak” authentication provider. Optional.
KUBERLOGIC_AUTH_KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_SECRET string “” Keycloak client secret. Optional.
KUBERLOGIC_AUTH_KEYCLOAK_REALM_NAME string “” Keycloak realm name. Optional.
KUBERLOGIC_AUTH_KEYCLOAK_URL string “” Keycloak URL. Optional.
KUBERLOGIC_KUBECONFIG_PATH string “/root/.kube/config
Absolute path to kubeconfig when started outside of Kubernetes cluster. Optional.
KUBERLOGIC_DEBUG_LOGS bool false Enable debug logging. Optional.
SENTRY_DSN string “” Sentry URL to report panics. Optional.
POSTHOG_AP_KEY string “” Posthog API key for statistics. Optional.
KUBERLOGIC_CORS_ALLOWED_ORIGINS string “https://;http:// ; separated list of CORS allowed origins. Optional.