Quick start

Creating new service

  1. Go to the KuberLogic Ui and click Create new service
  2. Select desired service
  3. Select the service version, name your service (lowercase only), and set service resource limits
  4. Scroll up and click Create new service
  5. Check the status of your new service on the Services tab. Initializing takes some time. Refresh the page to see a new status.

Setting up backup

  1. Go to the Services tab and click a desired service
  2. Go to the Backups tab
  3. Click Backup storage and set up it, then click Save
  4. Set up backup schedule, select Daily or Weekly and set the time
  5. To allow automatic backups, move the slider
  6. Database backups will be displayed in the table once performed

Managing service

  1. Go to the Services tab to see the list of your services

    The following information is available:

    • Service – service name
    • Status – service status
    • Master nodes
    • Read-only replica nodes – you can change the number by selecting it
    • Created – creation date
  2. Click a service name to go to the Connection tab and see the service connection parameters

  3. Go to the Settings tab to see and change the service main settings

    • Automatic version upgrades – slide to allow updates within maintenance window
    • Maintenance windows – select day and time
    • Limits – change the limits
    • Advanced settings – use it only if you're aware of what you're doing

    After editing, click Save changes

  4. Go to the Logs tab to see MySQL logs for master and replicas

  5. Go to the Backups tab to manage backups

  6. To delete a service, click Delete service and confirm your decision