Using KuberLogic

KuberLogic comes with CLI and REST API that helps you manage your applications.

Application management with REST API

See the openapi.yaml for REST API reference.


Create an application

curl --header 'X-Token: <KuberLogic API server token>' -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
  "id": "my-app",
  "type": "my-app-type",
  "domain": "",
}' <KuberLogic API server endpoint>/api/v1/services

List applications

curl --header 'X-Token: <KuberLogic API server token>' <kuberlogic API server endpoint>/api/v1/services

Application management with CLI

Use help command to see the list of commands.

./kuberlogic help

List all application instances

./kuberlogic service list

Add application (application provisioning)

./kuberlogic service add --id tenant1 --type docker-compose --replicas 1 --domain

Delete application

./kuberlogic service delete --id demo

Additional parameters


./kuberlogic service add --id demo --type docker-compose --limits.cpu 50 --host --replicas 1

Optionally you may want to enable TLS secured access to a provisioned service:

./kuberlogic service add --id demo --type docker-compose --limits.cpu 50 --host --replicas 1 --tls_enabled

Backup management

Backup application

./kuberlogic service backup --service_id demo

List all backups

./kuberlogic backup list

List all backups for a single application

./kuberlogic backup list --service_id demo

Delete backup

./kuberlogic backup delete --id demo-1657538554 

Restore management

Restore a service from backup

./kuberlogic backup restore --backup_id demo-1657538554

List restores

./kuberlogic restore list

List restores for a single application

./kuberlogic restore list --service_id demo

Delete restore

./kuberlogic restore delete --id demo-1657538554